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Floyd County Historical Markers

Original Cabin

  • Source: David Seibert
  • Marker: Original Cabin
  • Location: On Oak Hill grounds near museum, US 27 north of Rome


This cabin, birthplace of The Berry Schools, (now Berry College and Berry Academy) was built as a playhouse for Martha Berry and her brothers and sisters shortly after the Civil War. Here, in the late 1800’s, three small boys from Lavendar Mountain received Martha Berry’s first Sunday School lesson. Word of her kindness and interest spread and soon the cabin was overflowing with people. In the evolution from this modest beginning to a day school at Possum Trot, a boarding school and finally a college, the Cabin was outgrown but not forgotten. Martha Berry chose the Cabin to represent simplicity on the school seal, along with the Bible for religion, the lamp for learning and the plow for work. On this foundation she built a world renowned educational institution extensively copied in the U.S. and abroad.