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Effingham County Historical Markers

Old Ebenezer

  • Source: David Seibert
  • Marker: Old Ebenezer
  • Location: Junction of Ga. Hwys. 21 and 275

OLD EBENEZER —.5 mi.—>

About .5 miles East on this Road is the site

of Old Ebenezer, the first settlement of

the Salzburgers in Georgia. They selected

this location and named it Ebenezer – the

stone of help. General Oglethorpe marked

out their town, and soon they erected homes

and some public buildings. The settlers

remained at this site two years, despite

many hardships, including the difficulty in

navigation of the stream upon which their

town was situated. In February, 1736, the

Salzburgers, now 200 in number, asked for

and received permission to abandon this site

and move to a more desirable location, one

now known as New Ebenezer.