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Effingham County Historical Markers

1790 Effingham County Methodist Camp Ground

  • Source: David Seibert
  • Marker: 1790 Effingham County Methodist Camp Ground
  • Location: Ga 21 at the south edge of Springfield


Effingham Camp Meeting has the longest record of continuous service in South Georgia-from 1790 according to oral tradition. The first camp ground was off Sisters’ Ferry Road on land of George Powledge, later sold to Gideon Mallette. In 1864 this site was burned during Sherman’s March to the Sea. In 1865 and 1866 encampment was held at Turkey Branch Methodist Church. In 1867, the camp ground was rebuilt on the Edward Bird tract at Springfield. In 1907, the present site was occupied after an exchange with G.M. Brinson. August encampment includes the third Sunday.

No. 15 South Georgia Conference Methodist Church 1990