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Dooly County Historical Markers

Luther Story Bridge

  • Source: David Seibert
  • Marker: Luther Story Bridge
  • Location: Located on the Dooly County side of the Flint River Bridge on Ga. 27

The Luther Story Bridge honoring Luther Story and other veterans from Sumter County and the following named veterans from Dooly County, all of whom gave their lives in World War II or the Korean War:

Blue, John Augusta Brown, Bonny Bryant, Walter L. Culberth, George W. Dennard, Henry L. Ellison, E. Boyd Everett, James M. Folds, Charles W. Gazaway, Glenn G. George, Marcus Godfrey, Edgar R. Goodroe, Leonard B. Grantham, Audry Greene, Burwell Hambrick, William J. Hardegree, Thomas

Horne, John H. Johnson, James Alvin Kent, Billy Frank Kidd, J.D. Kimsey, Melvin Lewis, Kirby R. Lockerman, Colon A. McDowell, Ralph Nutt, James Pollock, Paul Rogers, John L. Sangster, Robert H., Jr. Scarborough, John F. Shivers, William E. Shurley, Harold E. Speight, Amory C., Jr.

Taggart, John L. Tharpe, James R. Thompson, Daniel E., Jr. Thompson, Curtis Tucker, Alfred Welch, William Albert Wesley, Bryant V. Wilkes, John R. Wilkes, Olin H. Woodward, Lamar F. Wright, Charles L.

Colored Gyden, Derry, Jr. Lilly, Evans McKenzie Hubert McKenzie, Lucious

[This marker appears to be identical to state historical markers erected by the Georgia Historical Commission and Georgia Department of Natural Resources except it has no marker number or identification of the agency or organization responsible for it.]