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Decatur County Historical Markers

Fort Hughes

  • Source: David Seibert
  • Marker: Fort Hughes
  • Location: Located at eastern edge of the Flint River bridge, Bainbridge


Four blocks west is the site of Fort Hughes, built in 1817, by the 7th Regiment of the U.S. Infantry under the command of Captain John M. McIntosh. This fort served as a protection for foraging parties and as a trading post and U.S. Arsenal during the First Seminole War.

A Federal Monument marks the site of the fort and is near the grave of Bugler Hughes who fell in a fight with the Indians November 28, 1817.

[U.S. Works Progress Administration Marker] *Note: While the text above is a transcription from the historical marker itself, evidence exists that indicates Fort Hughes, or at least a Camp Hughes, may have existed as early as March of 1815. *