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Colquitt County Historical Markers

Olde Greenfield Church and Historic Cemetery

  • Source: Ed Jackson
  • Marker: Olde Greenfield Church and Historic Cemetery
  • Location: Located at the New Life Tabernacle Baptist Church on Greenfield Church Rd., Moultrie


This site, along with 19,600 acres, was purchased through a state land lottery, September, 1843-44, by Rev. Eli Graves, formerly of Vermont. In March, 1848, all was sold to his brother, Presbyterian pastor, Rev. Joel S. Graves. In 1850, using handmade bricks from a nearby clay pit, Rev. Graves built the area’s first brick structure, a church with annex for the area’s first “common” school. The first teacher was Ruth Graves and in February, 1861, Roxanna Graves became the second. The Post Office was at Grenfield June 26, 1856-1883. Rev. Graves brought industry to the thriving community by building a three-story building on Sloan Creek with a grist mill, general store, steam-powered wool carding factory and “bucket shop.” During the War Between the States, Rev. Graves’ bucket and barrel factory supplied a Confederate contract. The church served as a recruiting center and field hospital from 1863 to war’s end under the care of Methodist minister and former Kentucky legislator, Rev./Dr. Baker E. Watkins and his assistant, Dr. Samuel Hart of Americus, GA. Rev./Dr. Watkins and Rev. Flournoy Clark represented Colquitt County at the Constitutional Convention in November of 1865. Rev./Dr. Watkins was elected first County School Commissioner in 1872 and served in this capacity until his death in 1876.

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