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Colquitt County Historical Markers

In Memory of Rev. T.C. Gregory

  • Source: Ed Jackson
  • Marker: In Memory of Rev. T.C. Gregory
  • Location: Located at the New Life Tabernacle Baptist Church on Greenfield Church Rd., Moultrie


b. 10-17-1912 d. 6-15-1993

(Continued from other side)

Rev. Gregory grew up in the Greenfield community and served as pastor for the church from 1951 to 1990. We credit him with preserving the history and historic church site. His extensive research and publication enables this history to live on for future generations to appreciate. His love and devotion to this site made him synonymous with Greenfield Church.


FACTORY AND GENERAL STORE - a three-story frame building on the west side of Sloan Creek, .9 of a mile from the church on the J.D. Herndon Road. This building housed the “bucket shop,” Post Office, store, and steam-powered grist mill and wool carding factory operated from the reservoir created by the dam constructed by pioneer settler Jacob Rosencrantz from Switzerland.

BRICK CLAY PIT - Bricks for the church/school were made there, located on the west side of Highway 33 one mile northwest of the church.

HISTORIC CEMETERY - reported to have been much larger than it is at present. This is the final resting place of pioneer settlers and county forefathers, developer and entrepreneur, Rev. Joel S. Graves d. 1887; Rev./Dr. Watkins and wife; many others with stories of their own; victims of time; epidemics and many unknown soldiers from the War Between the States.

MOULTRIE S.C.V. CAMP NO. 674 - 1996