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Colquitt County Historical Markers

Colonial Heights

  • Source: David Seibert
  • Marker: Colonial Heights
  • Location: In the 1900 block of Ga. 33 south of downtown in the grassy area next to small office building


Visionary Louis Friedlander, purchased the “Corbett Farm” in 1936 being 340 acres. Believing that Moultrie would need room to grow, he began planning its orderly growth, to the South.

In order to begin development, it was necessary for Colonial Heights Corporation to extend Moultrie’s water system from its then City limits, 13th Avenue. With assistance from the WPA, the line was built, and eventually given to the City by Colonial Heights Corporation.

Colonial Heights extends North and South from Pine Avenue to what is now Sunset Shopping Center, and East and West from the former Coastline RR to the former Georgia northern RR. There is an area North of Tallokas Road, known as Colonial Heights Annex.

The first lots sold were along Main Street, and subsequent development was handled in phases. To encourage sales, the corporation decided to build houses, as demand warranted. After returning from service in the Navy, son Matt Friedlander took charge of the development. (1945)

In total there are more than 340 houses. All of these, except for a few, were built by Matt Friedlander’s Construction unit. R.B. Wright School was built on 2nd Street, in 1958.

Colonial Heights remains one of Moultrie’s preferred residential areas.

MARCH 2002