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Clayton County Historical Markers

Georgia Militia at Lovejoy’s Station

  • Source: Ed Jackson
  • Marker: Georgia Militia at Lovejoy’s Station
  • Location: U.S. 41 just below Talmadge Rd., Lovejoy, Ga.


On Oct. 12, 1864, Maj. Gen. G.W. Smith, CSA (Street Commissioner, New York City, 1858-61), assembled a force of militia at Lovejoy’s Station (0.5 mile NE) to support Iverson’s division of Wheeler’s cavalry corps, which was picketing the roads south from Atlanta in anticipation of a movement by Gen. Sherman’s army toward Macon and Savannah. Gen. Smith’s force consisted of 2800 infantry of the 1st Division, Georgia Militia, 3 batteries, and about 250 local reserve cavalry.

On Nov. 15th, Gen. Sherman began his March to the Sea. The leading element of his Right Wing – the 15th Corps, Maj. Gen. P.J. Osterhaus, USA – marched from White Hall (West End) toward Jonesboro (6 miles N), apparently enroute to Macon via Jonesboro and Lovejoy’s Station. Its right was covered by Kilpatrick’s cavalry division on roads to the west. At Morrow’s Station (4 miles N of Jonesboro) the 15th Corps turned Se toward Stockbridge and McDonough. Kilpatrick’s cavalry closed on Jonesboro and drove Iverson’s smaller command toward Lovejoy’s Station.

His position turned, Gen. Smith withdrew his force to Griffin (13 miles S), a fortified hospital center, to cover that point and to keep his force between Macon and the Union advance.