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Clarke County Historical Markers

U.S. Navy Supply Corps School

  • Source: Ed Jackson
  • Marker: U.S. Navy Supply Corps School
  • Location: Prince Ave. One Block West of Intersection with Oglethorpe Ave., Athens



Commissioned on this site 15 January 1954, the U.S. Navy Supply Corps

School is the “Home” of the Navy Supply Corps. At this school newly

commissioned Navy Supply Corps officers receive basic training in

leadership, retail operations, disbursing, food service, data processing,

and inventory management to prepare them for their roles as “The

Navy’s Business Managers” afloat and ashore. The school also provides

specialized advanced logistics training not only to U.S. Naval personnel,

but also to military officers from many foreign nations. Although

the history of the Supply Corps dates back to 1795 it was not until

1921 that the first Supply Corps School opened in Washington, D.C.

In 1924 the school was discontinued and reopened in 1934 as the Naval

Finance and Supply School in Philadelphia, PA. In 1941 the school was

merged into the Harvard University Graduate School of Business

Administration. In 1945 the school was moved to Bayonne, NJ, where

it operated until 1954 when it was relocated to this site. Also located

on this site is the Supply Corps Museum which depicts the history,

heritage and traditions of the Supply Corps.

(Note: This marker is part of a two-sided marker erected by the U.S. Navy Supply Corps School in the 1990s. The eastern side of the marker is shown above. The western side of the marker notes the original location of the Georgia State Normal School on this site.)