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Carroll County Historical Markers

Charles Carroll of Carrollton

  • Source: Keith Hair
  • Marker: Charles Carroll of Carrollton
  • Location: Carroll County Courthouse, Carrollton


Carroll County, created by an act of the Georgia legislature

in December, 1826, proudly bears then name of Charles Carroll,

of Carrollton.

Charles Carroll was born in Annapolis, Maryland, in 1737. He

attended preparatory schools in this county but completed

his education in France and England. At the age of 28 he

returned home to settle down and his father gave him a large

estate near Frederick, Md., known as Carrollton Manor. From

then on he became known as “Charles Carroll of Carrollton.”

Although extremely wealthy and risking the loss of all his

property, Charles Carroll boldly threw himself into the Revolu-

tionary activities. He served in the Continental Congress

in 1776-78, and soon after is election was appointed by

the Congress also with Benjamin Franklin and Samuel Chase

to unsuccessfully seek Canadian support for the Continental

cause. He became one of Maryland’s first United States

Senators serving from 1789 through 1792.

Charles Carroll played an important part in early railroad

and canal building in the United States and laid the corner-

stone of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad in 1828, at the age of

ninety one. Four years later he died, the last survivor of

the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence.