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Butts County Historical Markers

McIntosh House

  • Source: David Seibert
  • Marker: McIntosh House
  • Location: Ga. 42 near southern entrance to Indian Springs State Park in Indian Springs


Across the highway stands the inn built about 1823 by William Mc Inosh, half-breed chief of the Lower Creek Indians. Here on February 12, 1825, Mc Intosh and other chiefs signed the Second Treaty of Indian Springs, giving up theie last Georgia land.

Hopothleyoholo, orator of the Alabama Creeks, denounced the signers as traitors in a speech delivered from a boulder near the house. For signing this treaty Mc Intosh was slain at his home in Carroll County by Upper Creeks of Alabama on April 29, 1825.

[WPA Marker] 42 E-9