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Bulloch County Historical Markers

The Fabulous Fifty of 1906/The Delegates

  • Source: David Seibert
  • Source: David Seibert
  • Marker: The Fabulous Fifty of 1906/The Delegates
  • Location: Located on Willie McTell Trail between East Main and East Vine Streets in Statesboro


On Saturday, December 1, 1906, Gov. Joseph M Terrell, Georgia’s “education governor,” came to Savannah to moderate the bidding contest for the historic First District’s only Agricultural and Mechanical School. Bulloch County’s delegation consisted of fifty leading citizens whose names appear on the other side of this marker. The Statesboro News editorialized: “Bulloch County must have that college.”

The Fabulous Fifty rode the Savannah-Statesboro Railway to the bidding site. At the end of the day, Statesboro’s winning bid of $125,500 included a 300-acre campus on the town’s highest hill. Some citizens virtually emptied their bank accounts to make the town’s dream come true. The train conductor blew the whistle for the final mile home, beckoning everyone to come to the station to celebrate.

By 1924 old A&M had increased in stature and grew into a Normal College for teachers. In 1929, as the state’s second public coeducational college, it granted bachelors degrees. In 1990 the college became Georgia Southern University.

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Fifty individuals represented Statesboro as official delegates on this historic day, December 1, 1906:

Jefferson Randolph Anderson (Moderator) James R. Miller (Secretary) Robert Lee Moore (Spokesman) Julian J.E. Anderson J. Gordon Blitch Alfred J. Bowen Moses J. Bowen Cecil Williams Brannen James Alonzo Brannen James Ewell Brannen Joshua G. Brannen William J. Brannen Morgan Brown Daniel Buie Albert Mitchell Deal William H. DeLoach James Hobson Donaldson William Henry Ellis Bedford Everett Joshua Everett Alton Jerome Franklin George Bruce Franklin Jason Franklin Jasper Franklin Stephen Hill Franklin Noah D. Hendrix Gustave Jaeckel James Z. Kendrick Perry Kennedy Raymond Jimmerson Kennedy Wallace D. Kennedy James B. Lee S.H. Lichtenstein D.E. McEachern Samuel Lowndes Moore Edward Conyers Oliver William Cling Parker Jakle Z. Patrick Albert W. Quattlebaum Hunter Marshall Robertson Milledge J. Rushing Egbert Andrew Smith Millard Fillmore Stubbs Thomas B. Thorne George R. Trapnell Leon Jackson Trapnell David Benjamin Turner Remer Warnock Madison Warren John William Williams

Supported by the Jack N. and Addie D. Averitt Foundation