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Bryan County Historical Markers

Guale Village at Seven-Mile Bend

  • Source: David Seibert
  • Marker: Guale Village at Seven-Mile Bend
  • Location: Fort McAllister near entrance at Ogeechee River


Across the Ogeechee River from this point was the northernmost town of the Province of Guale, the village of Satuache. Spanish records place Satuache about 10 miles northeast of Guale’s provincial capital at Mission Santa Callina (St. Catherines Island). Indian artifacts at the Seven-Mile Bend attest to Guale activity in association with the Spanish mission of San Diego de Satuache. The Guale town and the Spanish mission there were abandoned ca. 1663. The name Ogeechee is Indian in origin and means River of the Uchee, (“seeing far away”) for a village further north on the 245-mile long river. The Seven-Mile Bend site was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1972.