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Barrow County Historical Markers

Stoneman Raid

  • Source: David Seibert
  • Marker: Stoneman Raid
  • Location: arrow County Courthouse Square, Winder, Ga.



Coming in on Atlanta in July, 1864, Maj. Gen. W.T. Sherman

found it “too strong to assault and too extensive to invest.” To

force its evacuation, he sent Maj. Gen. Geo. Stoneman’s cavalry

to cut the Macon railway by which its defenders were supplied.

At the Battle of Sunshine Church (19 miles NE of Macon), Stoneman

surrender with 600 men to Brig. Gen. Alfred Iverson, Jr.,

after covering the escape northward of Adams’ and Capron’s

brigades. Both units retreated via Athens, intending to resupply

their commands there and to “destroy the armory and other

government works,” but were stopped at the river bridge south

of Athens by Home Guard units with a battery of guns. Unable to cross,

they turned west; Capron on the Hog Mountain road through Jug

Tavern (Winder), and Adams on roads farther north by which he

reached the Union lines near Marietta without further losses.

Capron passed through Jug Tavern late that night and marched

to King’s Tanyard (5 miles NW on State 211) where he halted for

two hours to rest his exhausted command. Before dawn on August

3rd, he was surprised by Williams’ Kentucky brigade. About

430 of his men were captured and sent to Athens, a few escaping

through the words. Capron himself, with six men, reached the

Union lines near Marietta four days later – on foot.

This action, known also as the Battle of Jug Tavern, was the

final event of the Federal fiasco called the Stoneman Raid.