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Barrow County Historical Markers

Bethlehem United Methodist Church

  • Source: David Seibert
  • Marker: Bethlehem United Methodist Church
  • Location: 709 Christmas Ave (Ga Highway 11) in Bethlehem,at the rear of the church, at the entrance to the church offices


Oldest Methodist Church in Barrow County, organized in the 1780’s. Services first held two miles N.E. in log house. In 1790 a church was built nearby. The present site was originally a camp ground with an arbor, tents & cottages for camp meetings. Arbor used as mobilization center during War Between the States. Exact date church moved to this site unknown. Land deeded by Rev. John W. B. Allen to trustees in 1847. First church here torn down in 1878 and another erected. Present church was built in 1949 as a memorial to Guy Lee Thompson. Church School building added in 1967. Narthex and steeple added in 1970.

Erected by Bethlehem United Methodist Church August 7, 1977