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Georgia Supreme Court and Court of Appeals

Following is a listing of Georgia Supreme Court Justices and Court of Appeals Judges. Click on the Justice’s or Judge’s name for biographical information.

Supreme Court of Georgia Official Site

Court of Appeals of Georgia Official Site

Georgia Supreme Court Justices

Chief JusticeHugh P. Thompson
Presiding JusticeP. Harris Hines
JusticeRobert Benham
JusticeCarol W. Hunstein
JusticeHarold D. Melton
JusticeDavid E. Nahmias
JusticeKeith R. Blackwell

Court of Appeals of Georgia Judges

Chief JudgeSara L. Doyle
Presiding JudgeJohn J. Ellington
Presiding JudgeAnne Elizabeth Barnes
Presiding JudgeGary Blaylock Andrews
Presiding Judge Herbert E. Phipps
Presiding JudgeM. Yvette Miller
JudgeStephen Louis A. Dillard
JudgeChristopher J. McFadden
JudgeMichael P. Boggs
JudgeWilliam M. Ray, II (Billy)
JudgeElizabeth L. Branch (Lisa)
JudgeCarla Wong McMillian
JudgeBrian M. Rickman
JudgeAmanda H. Mercier
JudgeNels S. D. Peterson