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Chickamauga Valley District

Appalachian Highlands Major Division

Ridge and Valley Province

Southern Valley and Ridge Section

Chickamauga Valley District

The Chickamauga Valley District is characterized by a series of gently rolling, discontinuous, northeast-trending valleys interrupted by low, linear, parallel ridges. The valley floors are predominantly limestone and dolomite of Cambro-Ordovician age while the ridges are capped by the more resistant cherty units of the Knox Group, also of Cambro-Ordovician age. The ridge tops are approximately 1000 feet in elevation and stand 200-300 feet above the intervening valleys. Rectangular drainage patterns in this district are indicative of structural control.

Source: William Z. Clark, Jr. and Arnold C. Zisa, Physiographic Map of Georgia (Atlanta: Georgia Department of Natural Resources, 1976).