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Genealogy Introduction

There has been an explosion of interest in genealogy over the past few decades - largely spurred by the TV mini-series “Roots” (which was filmed partially in Georgia). Many different types of genealogical information are available - county histories, family histories, census information, birth and death records, etc. The links attached to this page provide a means of introduction to genealogical research - a few are general in nature, but most are specific to Georgia. While there is a lot of information available online, your local library is always an excellent place to carry on genealogical research. Many libraries have special sections devoted to genealogy, and reference librarians can help direct you to the sections to find the information you need.

Note - some genealogical website (like charge a fee for their services. We will not link these sites - simply because GeorgiaInfo is a free service provided through the Digital Library of Georgia, the University of Georgia Libraries, and GALILEO. The pay sites certainly have useful information, but the linked sites here are a good start as well.

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Georgia Genealogy Trails
Source: Murray County Genealogy Trails

Georgia Genealogical Resources