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For more on Watermelons in Georgia, see the New Georgia Encyclopedia.

Georgia is the third largest watermelon-producing state in the nation. Approximately thirty-thousand acres of Georgia land is planted with watermelons each year, and each acre produces from 35,000-50,000 pounds of this delicious - and nutritious - fruit. Virtually all of Georgia’s watermelons are grown in the southern half of the state, centered in Crisp County. Cordele, Georgia - county seat of Crisp County - is known as the Watermelon Capital of the World and hosts an annual Watermelon Days Festival. Watermelons annually add up to $57 million to Georgia’s economy.

Watermelons - as the name implies - are mostly water - over 90%. With water being essential to human life, this makes watermelon an excellent source of hydration - and very popular for summertime snacks! Watermelons are low in calories, and are also good sources for Vitamins A and C. While most people think of the juicy red part of the watermelon first, all parts of a watermelon are edible. The seeds can be baked, and even the rinds can made into pickles. Georgia watermelon growers have also been experimenting with growing seedless melons as well.

Watch this video from America’s Heartland to see how one Georgia family produces watermelons and ships them to markets.

For more information on Georgia watermelons, see the Georgia Watermelon Association.