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Georgia’s apple production is centered in the northeastern part of the state, primarily in Gilmer County - where Ellijay is known as the apple capital of the state and hosts an annual apple festival. Depending on the type of fruit, Georgia apples are available from July-December of each year. Some of the more popular types are Ozark Gold (available in July and August), Red Delicious and Golden Delicious (available July-December), Rome Beauty and Mutzu Crispin (available August-December), Empire and Jonagold (available in August and September), and Arkansas Black, Fuji, Granny Smith, Winesap and Yates (available October-December). Most of Georgia’s apples are grown for the fresh market, and can be found at roadside stands, farmers markets, apple houses, and in grocery stores from later summer through the early winter months.

For more on Georgia Apples, see the New Georgia Encyclopedia.

Georgia produces over 600,00 bushels of apples, weighing over 26 million pounds in total, each year. These apples sell for well over six million dollars in total. Over 600 acres of Georgia land is devoted to growing apples; with approximately 360,000 trees. While commercial growth of apples is centered in one relatively small area of the state, apples remain an important aspect of Georgia’s agricultural economy as a whole.