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Washington County

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Source: David Seibert

Date Built1868-69
Architecture StyleHigh Victorian with Second Empire clock tower
Seat InformationSandersville [originally called Saunders Cross Road, then Saundersville, after a man named M. Saunders, who owned land and a store at a junction of two roads; designated county seat in 1796; and incorporated in 1812]. Previous County Seat: Warthen
Courthouse DetailsCourt was first held in a private residence until a log cabin was built to serve as courthouse in Warthen until 1796. That year the county seat moved to Sandersville and a new courthouse was erected. It served until 1855, when it (and most of the town) was destroyed by fire. A brick courthouse was built the following year. Confederate soldiers fired from this building at Sherman's advancing army, so he had this courthouse burned in retaliation. After the Civil War court sessions were held in a store building, until the current courthouse was completed in 1869. An addition to the courthouse was built in 1899, followed by another addition in 1939. The courthouse was renovated 1970-73, and partially rehabilitated in 1987.
County Data
Population 200021,176
Population Growth0.0
County SeatSandersville
County Area684.4 Square Miles
Location MapWashington County Location Map

Washington County was created on Feb. 25, 1784 by an act of the General Assembly (Marbury & Crawford, 162). Created from Creek and Cherokee land cessions in the treaties of Augusta in May and November 1783, Georgia’s 10th county was named for Gen. George Washington, hero of the just-concluded Revolutionary War.

Portions of Washington County were used to create the following counties: Greene (1786), Hancock (1793), Montgomery (1793), Warren (1793), and Johnson (1858).

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Legal OrganThe Sandersville Progress
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Historical Population
2010 21,187
2000 21,176
1990 19,112
1980 18,842
1970 17,480
1960 18,903
1950 21,012
1940 24,230
1930 25,030
1920 28,147
1910 28,174
1900 28,227
1890 25,237
1880 21,964
1870 15,842
1860 12,698
1850 11,766
1840 10,565
1830 9,820
1820 10,627
1810 9,940
1800 10,300
1790 4,552