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Walker County

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Source: David Seibert

Date Built1917-18
Architecture StyleBeaux Arts Classical/Italian Renaissance Revival
DesignerCharles E. Bearden
Seat InformationThe act creating Walker County made no provision for designating a county seat. In an act of Dec. 22, 1835, the General Assembly designated the town of Chattooga as permanent county seat and incorporated it as a town (Ga. Laws 1835, p. 233). On Dec. 30, 1836, the legislature changed the name of Chattooga to Lafayette (Ga. Laws 1836, p. 108). By the early 1850s, there was a question whether Lafayette was still legally incorporated. On Jan. 22, 1852, the General Assembly enacted legislation declaring that the act of Dec. 22, 1835 was still in full force (Ga. Laws 1851-52, p. 460). Moreover, this and most subsequent legislation affecting the town referred to the town as "LaFayette" (instead of "Lafayette"); and under the current city charter, the town's official name is LaFayette. The name honors the Marquis de Lafayette (1757-1834), a French adventurer who at age 20 accepted a commission as major general in the Continental Army during the American Revolution. Lafayette became a trusted field officer and friend of Gen. George Washington, and was widely considered a hero in America.
Courthouse DetailsWalker County's first courthouse was built in LaFayette in 1838. When that structure burned in 1883, a new two-story brick courthouse was built. That structure served until the present courthouse was built in 1919.
County Data
Population 200061,053
Population Growth11.2
County SeatLaFayette
County Area446.7 Square Miles
Location MapWalker County Location Map

Walker County was created from Murray County on Dec. 18, 1833, by an act of the General Assembly (Ga. Laws 1833, p. 52). According to that act:

  That the county of Murray, in this State, shall hereafter constitute and be divided into two counties, to be bounded as follows:—commencing at the point where the counties of Floyd and Cass join on the south side of the present county of Murray, following the dividing line of the two ranges of districts, separated by a line running north from the point above designated, until the said north line intersects the line of the State of Tennessee; and that portion of said county, lying on the east side of the above-mentioned line, shall constitute a county, and continue to be called Murray. And all that portion of said county, as at present organized, lying on the west side of said north line, shall constitute a new county to be called Walker, in honor of the late Freeman Walker, of Richmond.

Georgia’s 90th county was named for former U.S. senator Freeman Walker (1780-1827), an Augusta attorney who served in the U.S. Senate from 1819 to 1821.

In 1837, Dade County was created entirely from Walker County (Ga. Laws 1837, p. 65). Also, portions of Walker County were used to create Chattooga County (1838) and Catoosa County (1853).

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Historical Population
2010 68,756
2000 61,053
1990 58,340
1980 56,470
1970 50,691
1960 45,264
1950 38,198
1940 31,024
1930 26,206
1920 23,370
1910 18,692
1900 15,661
1890 13,282
1880 11,056
1870 9,925
1860 10,082
1850 13,109
1840 6,572