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Troup County

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Date Built2005
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Seat InformationThe Dec. 14, 1826 act redesignating land sections as named counties provided that Troup County's first election take place on the first Monday in May 1827 at the house of Joseph Weaver. After that election, the new inferior court was authorized to select the county seat and erect a courthouse. However, on Dec. 14, 1827, the legislature divided Troup County into two counties -- Troup and Meriwether. Ten days later, it passed an act organizing the new and smaller Troup County and provided that election of county officials take place on the first Monday of Feb. 1828 at the house of Nicholas Johnston (Ga. Laws 1827, p. 65). The law also authorized the county's new inferior court to select the county seat and provide for erection of a courthouse. On Dec. 16, 1828, the legislature provided that the permanent county seat of Troup County be located on lot 109 in the sixth land district, which site was to be named LaGrange (Ga. Laws 1828, p. 152). The legislation also incorporated the new county seat as a town. The town's name was in recognition of La Grange (which means "the barn"), LaFayette's estate in France.
Courthouse DetailsOn Dec. 14, 1826, the legislature directed that Troup County elections and court sessions be held in the house of Joseph Weaver. The county's first inferior court was authorized to erect a courthouse, but it is not known if a courthouse was built in 1827. In Dec. 1827, portions of Troup County were used to create two new counties -- Meriwether and Harris. New elections were set for Feb. 1828, after which the new inferior court was given the responsibility of providing for a courthouse. Reportedly, a brick courthouse was built in LaGrange in 1830. This structure was torn down in 1903 or 1904 and replaced by a new three-story brick courthouse with clock tower, which was completed in 1904(see photo)-->. This courthouse burned in 1936 and was replaced in 1939 with a new marble courthouse. The present courthouse--officially designated the Troup County Government Center--was completed in 2005, with the former courthouse becoming home for the Troup County Juvenile Court.
County Data
Population 200058,779
Population Growth14.1
County SeatLaGrange
County Area446.0 Square Miles
Location MapTroup County Location Map

On Feb. 12, 1825, a group of Creek Indians led by William McIntosh signed the Treaty of Indian Springs, in which they ceded all of their remaining lands in present-day Georgia. Subsequently, in an act of June 9, 1825, the General Assembly provided that the land ceded by the treaty be divided into five numbered sections, surveyed into districts and land lots, and distributed by land lottery (Ga. Laws 1825 Extra. Session., p. 3). On Dec. 14, 1826, the legislature redesignated the five land sections as the counties of Lee, Muscogee, Troup, Coweta, and Carroll and provided for their organization (Ga. Laws 1826, p. 57).

Despite the fact that the five counties were not named until Dec. 14, 1826, the date their respective boundaries were established—June 9, 1825—is generally accepted as the date of their creation. Because the five counties were provided for in the same act, their order of creation is based on the order they were mentioned in the act—Lee, Muscogee, Troup, Coweta, and Carroll. Thus, Lee was Georgia’s 61st county, while Troup was 63rd. Troup County was named for George M. Troup, who was governor of Georgia at the time of the county’s creation.

On Dec. 14, 1827, the legislature formed Meriwether County from the eastern half of Troup County and Harris County from portions of southern Troup County (Ga. Laws 1827, p. 69).

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Historical Population
2010 67,044
2000 58,779
1990 55,536
1980 50,003
1970 44,466
1960 47,189
1950 49,841
1940 43,879
1930 36,752
1920 36,097
1910 26,228
1900 24,002
1890 20,723
1880 20,565
1870 17,632
1860 16,262
1850 16,879
1840 15,733
1830 5,799