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Thomas County

Date Built1858, remodeled 1888
Architecture StyleGreek Revival (1858), Classical/Victorian elements added 1888
DesignerJohn Wind (1858), unknown (1888 remodeling)
Seat InformationThomasville. The act creating Thomas County designated a commission of five named individuals to select a site for location of the county seat. In 1826, the commissioners selected a site on the Old Coffee Road that traveled through southwest Georgia to Tallahassee, Florida, and named it Thomasville in honor of Gen. Jett Thomas. Thomasville was incorporated by an act of the legislature approved Dec. 26, 1831.
Courthouse Detailshe legislation creating Thomas County provided that superior and inferior courts initially would be held in the house of Charles Kingsley. Reportedly, a log cabin was subsequently built in Thomasville to serve as the county's first courthouse. This simple structure was followed by a larger courthouse, presumably built of wood. The present courthouse -- a three-story brick building -- was originally constructed in 1858. It underwent a major remodeling in 1888, with subsequent renovations in 1909, 1918, 1922, and 1937.
County Data
Population 200042,737
Population Growth4.6
County SeatThomasville
County Area552.1 Square Miles
Location MapThomas County Location Map

Thomas County was created from Decatur and Irwin counties on Dec. 23, 1825 by an act of the General Assembly (Ga. Laws 1825, p. 54). Georgia’s 67th county was named for Gen. Jett Thomas, who oversaw construction of the first building at the University of Georgia as well as the state capitol at Milledgeville and went on to become a hero of the War of 1812.

Portions of Thomas County later were used to form Colquitt County (1856), Brooks County (1858), and Grady County (1905).

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Historical Population
2010 44,720
2000 42,737
1990 38,986
1980 38,098
1970 34,562
1960 34,319
1950 33,932
1940 31,289
1930 32,612
1920 33,044
1910 29,071
1900 31,076
1890 26,154
1880 20,597
1870 14,523
1860 10,766
1850 10,103
1840 6,766
1830 3,299