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City of Woodbury

IncorporatedJanuary 1, 1913
Address30 Durand St.
Woodbury, Georgia 30293
Phone(706) 553-2011
Fax(706) 553-5551

From the Woodbury website:

Woodbury, located in Meriwether County, is one of the oldest towns in the county. The town grew up about ten miles southeast of Greenville in the late 1820’s and was first named Sandtown for the white sand that covered the ground. When the post office opened in 1845, the town’s name was changed to Woodberry. The spelling was officially changed in 1854 to Woodbury. This small Georgia Town hit a growth spurt in 1887 when the railroad laid its tracks and made its mark. Around the start of the 20th century, Woodbury had a tremendous growth with schools, churches, and businesses serving many new residents. The City has a total area of 2 square miles. Population today is approximately 1,000. It is thought that Woodbury was named after Levi Woodbury, a popular New Hampshire statesman. Home to beautiful Lake Meriwether, Woodbury is known for its vast natural resources. The town landscape offers a unique blend of industrial and agricultural opportunities. Visitors enjoy Woodbury’s many beautiful turn of the century homes, found along Main Street and the Downtown area. Today, Woodbury continues to flourish and grow!