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McIntosh County

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Source: David Seibert

Date Built1872
Architecture Style
Seat InformationThe first Europeans to occupy the locality were Spanish missionaries who settled the Santo Domingo de Talaje mission at or near the site of Darien near the mouth of the Altamaha River. In 1721, South Carolina built Fort King George at the site of Darien. However, sickness, climate, and biting insects led Carolina to abandon the fort in 1727. Three years after the arrival of the first Georgia colonists, a group of Highlanders (many from the county Inverness-shire, Scotland) settled the site as New Inverness. There, on the bank of a waterway, they built Fort Darien, named to honor a former Scottish colony in Panama named Darien (believed to be a mispronunciation of the Indian name, Tarena). Shortly after the fort was built, the name of the community was changed from New Inverness to Darien. When McIntosh County was created in 1793, Darien served as seat of county government. On Dec. 12, 1816, the General Assembly incorporated Darien as a town. Two years later, on Dec. 18, 1818, the legislature reincorporated Darien as a city and designated it permanent county seat of McIntosh County. In 1864, Union troops burned down the courthouse, and after the war a new home for county government was needed. Some McIntosh residents sought to have the county seat moved to a more central location, and in 1866 the General Assembly directed that an election be held. Each voter was entitled to indicated the site preferred for McIntosh county seat, with the site getting more votes than any other being selected. In the Jan. 1867 election, Darien polled more votes than any other site, so it remained as county seat.
Courthouse DetailsThe first courthouse was built in 1800 and was used until 1864, when Union troops burned it down. The present courthouse was completed in 1872, was remodeled after a fire in 1931, and had several additions built around the original structure in 1973. In 1986, the courthouse was damaged by fire.
County Data
Population 200010,847
Population Growth32.1
County SeatDarien
County Area574.8 Square Miles
Location MapMcIntosh County Location Map

McIntosh County was created from Liberty County on Dec. 19, 1793 by an act of the General Assembly (Ga. Laws 1793, p. 10). Georgia’s 18th county was named for the McIntosh family—particularly Capt. John McIntosh (who in 1736 led a group of Scot Highlanders in the settlement of Darien) and his son Gen. Lachlan McIntosh (who was a hero of the American Revolution).

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Historical Population
2010 14,333
2000 10,847
1990 8,634
1980 8,046
1970 7,371
1960 6,364
1950 6,008
1940 5,292
1930 5,763
1920 5,119
1910 6,442
1900 6,537
1890 6,470
1880 6,241
1870 4,491
1860 5,546
1850 6,027
1840 5,360
1830 4,998
1820 5,129
1810 3,739
1800 2,660