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City of Pendergrass

AddressP.O. Box 95
Pendergrass, Georgia 30567-0095
Phone(706) 693-2494

From the Pendergrass website:

Pendergrass is a 122 year old community that was incorporated in 1891 and named after F. L. Pendergrass, a railroad director. Pendergrass is well known for its train depot that still sits in the heart of town.

Beginning in the mid-19th Century Pendergrass “initiated the trend of large-scale cotton crops in Georgia” which helped to hurl Georgia to the second largest cotton producing state well into the 1940’s.

Once considered a site for the county seat because of its location to Hall County, Pendergrass was at its peak in the early 1900’s. It was the home of several doctor’s offices, one bank, one church, numerous merchandise stores, a blacksmith shop, and a hotel.

Most of these establishments did not survive to the 20th century except for the Pendergrass Baptist Church which is over 100 years old. Still in service to this day, the Pendergrass Baptist Church once held services for both Methodist and Baptist. Scott Appleby who established the Church in 1882 gave the town a condition, built in his parents honor one a Baptist and the other a Methodist, he conditioned the Church that both Baptist and Methodist worship in the same building.