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Jackson County

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Source: David Seibert

Date Built2003-2004
Architecture StyleClassical Modern
DesignerCooper Carry Architecture
Seat InformationJefferson [named for Pres. Thomas Jefferson], first settled at an unknown date, designated county seat in 1800, and incorporated Nov. 24, 1806.
Courthouse DetailsThis is the fifth courthouse for Jackson County. Prior to building of a courthouse, superior court was held at the home of Thomas Kirkpatrick beginning in Aug. 1796. In 1799, Clarkesboro was designated county seat of Jackson County and a courthouse was built. In 1800, the General Assembly moved the county seat to Jefferson, where a wooden courthouse subsequently was built. In 1820, a brick courthouse was built. The fourth courthouse was built in 1879 Because of rapid population growth in Jackson County, county officials began planning for a new courthouse in 2002 and purchased land outside the downtown area for consturction of a new courthouse and county government buildings. The project was completed in 2004.
County Data
Population 200041,589
Population Growth45.4
County SeatJefferson
County Area343.0 Square Miles
Location MapJackson County Location Map

Jackson County was created from Franklin County on Feb. 11, 1796 by an act of the General Assembly (Ga. Laws 1796, p. 14). Portions of Jackson County were used to create the following counties: Clarke (1801), Madison (1811), and Barrow (1914).

Georgia’s 22nd county was named for Revolutionar War general James Jackson (1757-1806). After the war, Jackson served in both houses of Congress, resigning from the U.S. Senate in 1795 to return to Georgia to fight against the Yazoo Fraud. Because of his role leading to the repeal of the Yazoo Act, the General Assembly elected him as governor (1798-1801). Subsequently, the legislature elected him to return to the U.S. Senate.

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Legal OrganThe Jackson Herald
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Historical Population
2010 60,485
2000 41,589
1990 30,005
1980 25,343
1970 21,093
1960 18,499
1950 18,997
1940 20,089
1930 21,609
1920 24,654
1910 30,169
1900 24,039
1890 19,176
1880 16,297
1870 11,181
1860 10,605
1850 9,768
1840 8,522
1830 9,004
1820 8,355
1810 10,569
1800 7,736