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Clayton County

Date Built1999-2000
Architecture Style
DesignerHellmuth, Obata, and Kassabaum, Inc.
Seat InformationThe Nov. 30, 1858 act creating Clayton County designated Jonesboro as county seat.The community was settled in the early 1820s in what was then Fayette County. In 1823, local leaders named the town Leaksville in recognition of Garlington Leak, a respected member of their community. When the Central of Georgia Railroad decided to have its Macon-Atlanta tracks run through Leaksville, local residents decided to rename the town Jonesborough to honor railroad civil engineer Capt. Samuel Jones, who apparently was responsible for Leaksville being picked as a railroad depot. On Dec. 13, 1859, the legislature incorporated Jonesboro (Ga. Laws 1859, p. 175).
Courthouse DetailsClayton County's first courthouse was a wooden structure that was burned in 1864 during Sherman's March to the Sea. In 1869, work began on a new two-story brick courthouse. That building, designed by Max V.D. Corput, has an architectural style defined as Vernacular with Italianate influence. This courthouse was used until 1898, when it became a Masonic lodge (a function it still serves today). In 1898, a new and larger two-story brick courthouse with clock tower was built a block from the old courthouse. This Romanesque Revival structure was designed by architect J.W. Golucke. By 1962, need for space led county officials to build a new courthouse around the 1898 courthouse, which also continued in use The result was a courthouse of modern design that surrounded the 1898 courthouse. In 1998, Clayton County officials authorized the building of a new Clayton County judicial complex while restoring the 1898 courthouse. Clayton County's new courthouse -- officially known as the Harold R. Banke Justice Center -- opened on Nov. 4, 2000. In January 2001, contracts were awarded for restoring the former courthourse and removing all the 1962 addition except for the old jail. By late February, most of the 1962 courthouse had been torn down. Subsequently, the interior of the 1898 courthouse will be restored, with the old courthouse thereafter possibly used as office space for county government or the Clayton County Historical Society.
County Data
Population 2000236,517
Population Growth9.7
County SeatJonesboro
County Area144.3 Square Miles
Location MapClayton County Location Map

Clayton County was established on Nov. 30, 1858 by an act of the General Assembly (Ga. Laws 1858, p. 26). Created from portions of Fayette and Henry counties, Clayton County’s original boundaries were specified as:

  Commencing at the northwest corner of lot of land Number six (6) in the original thirteenth (13th) district of Henry county now Fayette, the dividing line between the counties of Fayette and Fulton. Thence due east along said line to the north-east of lot of land Number two hundred and forty-eight (248) in the original twelfth district of Henry county. Thence due south to the south-east corner of lot of land Number seventy-three (73) in said district of said county. Thence due west to the south-east corner of lot of land Number seventy-five (75) in said district. Thence due south to the south-east corner of lot of land Number one hundred and fifty-five (155) in the original sixth district of said county of Henry. Thence due west to the county line between Henry and Fayette. Thence down said line south to the Spalding county line. Thence due west along said line between Fayette and Spalding to the middle of Flint River. Thence up the stream of said river to the point where Camp Creek empties into said Flint river. Thence up said Camp Creek to the south-west corner of lot of land one hundred and eighty-five (185) in the original thirteenth (13th) district of Henry but now Fayette county. Thence due west, and that the said south line running west terminates at the south-west corner of lot of land Number 187 in 13th district of Fayette. Thence north to Fulton line between lots Numbers five and six in the 13th district of Fayette, to the beginning point.

Georgia’s 127th county was named for former Georgia judge and congressman Augustin Clayton (1783-1839), who was a strong proponent of states rights and vocal opponent of tariffs and the national bank.

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Historical Population
2010 259,424
2000 236,517
1990 182,052
1980 150,357
1970 98,126
1960 46,365
1950 22,872
1940 11,655
1930 10,260
1920 11,159
1910 10,453
1900 9,598
1890 8,295
1880 8,027
1870 5,477