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Camden County

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Source: David Seibert

Date Built2004
Architecture StyleModern
Seat InformationOn Feb. 10, 1787, the General Assembly designated the community of St. Patrick's as county seat of Camden County. In 1792, that act was repealed and the legislature appointed commissioners to select a new site for the county courthouse and jail. Apparently, Camden County was without an official county seat from 1792 until 1800, when the legislature designated Jefferson [later Jeffersonton] seat of government. Jeffersonton served as county seat until 1869, when the General Assembly named St. Marys as the new county seat. In 1923, an act was approved moving the county seat to Woodbine. Incorporated on Aug. 13, 1908, Woodbine presumably was named for the honeysuckle plant of the same name.
Courthouse DetailsCamden County's first courthouse was a frame structure built at Jefferson in the early 1800s, before the county seat moved to St. Patrick, then finally to Woodbine.
County Data
Population 200043,664
Population Growth15.7
County SeatWoodbine
County Area782.5 Square Miles
Location MapCamden County Location Map

The land that would form Camden County was ceded to the English by the Creeks in the Treaty of Savannah on May 21, 1733, confirmed and expanded by agreements of 1735 and 1736. By an act of March 15, 1758, the colonial legislature created seven parishes. With the outbreak of the American Revolution, Whig forces took control of government in Georgia. On Feb. 5, 1777, they adopted the state’s first constitution—the Constitution of 1777. Art. IV of that document transformed the existing colonial parishes into seven counties, with Indian ceded lands forming an eighth county. Camden County, which was last on the list and thus is considered Georgia’s eighth county, consisted of Saint Thomas and Saint Mary parishes. The county was named for the Earl of Camden, who supported the American colonies’ cause prior to the Revolution. In 1854, the legislature took land from Camden County to form Charlton County.

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Historical Population
2010 50,513
2000 43,664
1990 30,167
1980 13,371
1970 11,334
1960 9,975
1950 7,322
1940 5,910
1930 6,338
1920 6,969
1910 7,690
1900 7,669
1890 6,178
1880 6,183
1870 4,615
1860 5,420
1850 6,319
1840 6,075
1830 4,578
1820 4,342
1810 3,941
1800 1,681
1790 305