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Calhoun County

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Source: David Seibert

Date Built1930
Architecture StyleColonial Revival
DesignerT.F. Lockwood, Jr.
Seat InformationThe act creating Calhoun County directed the justices of the county's new inferior court to select a "central and convenient place" as the county seat. However, until a site was selected and a courthouse erected, the inferior court was empowered to make temporary arrangements for the transaction of county business. A public debate followed on the location of the county seat, with the towns of Concord and Whitney the principal contenders. The controversy finally was resolved when it was agreed to have a site exactly half way between the two towns. Here, a town was laid out and named Morgan. The origin of the town's name is debated but may have been to honor either Hiram Morgan (one of the town's first five commissioners) or Revolutionary War general Daniel Morgan. On Mar. 5, 1856, the legislature incorporated Morgan as a town (Ga. Laws 1855-56, p. 381). In 1923, voters of Calhoun County petitioned for a referendum to move the county seat from Morgan to Arlington. In a 975-456 vote, county residents approved the change, and on July 27, 1923, the General Assembly formally designated Arlington the new county seat of Calhoun County (Ga. Laws 1923, p. 217). However, the majority of county residents soon became unhappy with the new county seat and in 1929 petitioned for a referendum to return the county seat to Morgan. In the election, 1033 voters favored Morgan, 496 chose Arlington, and 5 voters preferred Edison. Consequently, on Aug. 6, 1929, the legislature designated Morgan once again county seat (Ga. Laws 1929, p. 550).
Courthouse DetailsCalhoun County's first courthouse was built in Morgan shortly after the county was created in 1854. That structure burned in 1888, and a new courthouse was built on the site -- but it too burned in 1920. What served as courthouse for the next 15 years is not clear, but the county's present courthouse was constructed in 1935. The courthouse was renovated 1972.
County Data
Population 20006320
Population Growth6.0
County SeatMorgan
County Area283.6 Square Miles
Location MapCalhoun County Location Map

Calhoun County was created on Feb. 20, 1854 by an act of the General Assembly (Ga. Laws 1853-54, p. 284). Created from Baker and Early counties, Calhoun County’s original boundaries as specified in the act were:

  Beginning at a point where the North and South parallel line between lots of land numbers 393 and 334, in the 4th district of Early County, intersects with the county line between Randolph and Early, and Randolph and Baker, and thence east on said line until it intersects with the most westwardly main run of the Chickassawhatchie Creek, and thence South on said run and creek (though not including Grimmett’s causeway,) until the point where said creek intersects the east and west district line, dividing the third from the seventh district of Baker, and the fourth from the sixth district of Early, and thence westwardly on said line until it intersects with the main branch or run of Spring Creek, thence up said main run to the north and south line, dividing lots of land numbers 348 and 359, in the 4th district of Early, and thence north along said line until it intersects with said county line between Randolph and Early . . . .

Georgia’s 112th county was named for South Carolina U.S. Sen. John C. Calhoun (1782-1850), a noted advocate of states’ rights.

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Historical Population
2010 6,694
2000 6,320
1990 5,013
1980 5,717
1970 6,606
1960 7,341
1950 8,578
1940 10,438
1930 10,576
1920 10,225
1910 11,334
1900 9,274
1890 8,438
1880 7,024
1870 5,503
1860 4,913