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City of Toccoa

IncorporatedFebruary 26, 1875
Address203 N. Alexander Street
Toccoa, Georgia 30577
Phone(706) 282-3304
Fax(706) 886-7766
Emailinfo@cityoftoccoa .com

Toccoa, the county seat of Stephens County, was incorporated on February 26, 1875. Prior to English settlement, Cherokee Indians occupied the area of Toccoa. Legend says, the Cherokee named the area “Toccoah” meaning “beautiful” in their language. The City of Toccoa originated in 1873, and can be traced back to the development of a coaling station for the Atlanta to Charlotte Railroad after the Civil War.

Traveler’s Rest State Historic Site in Toccoa is an 18th century stagecoach inn plantation constructed around the 1830s. This site was recognized as a National Historic Landmark in 1966. Another favorite attraction in Toccoa is the Currahee Mountain, an outlying peak of the Blue Ridge chain that rises 1,874-ft.