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City of Talking Rock

AddressP. O. Box 893
Talking Rock, Georgia 30175

From the Talking Rock city website:

Talking Rock is nestled in the foothills of the North Georgia Mountains between the towns of Ellijay and Jasper in Pickens County.

Happily, the third smallest town in the state of Georgia,Talking Rock has not changed much since it’s beginning in 1883, when the train was the lifeline of the town.

Talking Rock’s history is rich with stories about the Trail of Tears, the Civil War, the railroad and the Great Depression.

The origination of our town’s name is unclear and there are many interesting stories regarding its derivation. Some individuals believe that it’s from the noise of the water rolling over the rocks in our beautiful creek, while other like the story of folks sitting for a spell on a rock to have a talk with a neighbor. Still others believe that the name originated with the local Indians.

Whatever its origination, it’s an unforgettable name and an unforgettable place!