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City of Senoia

IncorporatedDecember 12, 1866
AddressP.O. Box 310
Senoia, Georgia 30276
Phone(770) 599-3679
Fax(770) 599-0855

After the civil war, Senoia saw the completion of the Savannah, Griffin and North Alabama Railroad, which crossed through the town. Agricultural products such as cotton and peaches were shipped by rail from Senoia. Senoia was officially incorporated as a city on December 12, 1866. Pride in their town was very evident, as the citizens aspired to have the county seat moved there in 1876. Their bid was unsuccessful. Today with its collection of architectural treasures, most of the town comprises a historic district on the National Register of Historic Places. Senoia was officially chartered as a city around 1905, about the same time the railways moved in. The city still features architecture from all those periods - including structures dating to the 1840s - with most of architecture from the city’s charming downtown dating from the turn of the century.