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City of Resaca

Address3032 Battlefield Pkwy NE
Resaca, Georgia 30735
Phone(706) 624-1336
Fax(706) 624-1338

From the Resaca city website:

The Town of Resaca, Georgia was incorporated and granted a charter by the State of Georgia in 1981. There are several variations for the derivation of the name Resaca the more likely is that the word stems from the Spanish “resacar” which means “to retake” and alludes to the dissipation of floodwater from the Oostanaula river basin.

Resaca has many claims to fame, the Battle of Resaca which was fought here May 14-15 1864; Resaca is home to Georgia’s first Confederate Cemetery, the burial place of over 450 confederate soldiers; Resaca is also the home to “Resaca Beach - North Georgia’s Gateway to the Gulf”. This name is tongue-in-cheek being as how there is no ocean for hundreds of miles.

The Resaca Beach Poster Girl contest was a swimsuit pageant founded in the nearby city of Dalton in 1983 as a marketing gimmick of Conquest Carpet Mills. Probably the most well known Miss Resaca Beach is Gordon County native Marla Maples, former wife of Donald Trump.

Resaca is also home to Faith Baptist Camp, a Baptist campground that holds 3 camp meetings each year attended by hundreds of people across the United States.