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City of Lakeland

IncorporatedAugust 11, 1925
Address122 S. Valdosta Road
Lakeland, Georgia 31635
Phone(229) 482-3100
Fax(229) 482-3390

August 11, 1925. Lakeland is Lanier County’s only incorporated municipality and the county seat.

Throughout Lakeland’s brief history, its names have related to the geographic area surrounding the city. Its original name was Alapaha Station after the Alapaha River. The name was changed to Mill Town in 1832 for its numerous mills. Finally, the current name was decided upon due to the city’s close proximity to the Grand Bay Lake.

The town is located near the Banks Lake, a 3,900-acre lake that includes the Banks Lake National Wildlife Refuge. The lake consists of a mixture of open water and marshes.

According to 2000 Census, the City of Lakeland had a population of 2,730 persons. Between 1990 and 2000, the city experienced a population increase of 10.7%, compared to the state growth during this period of 26.4%.