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City of Kingston

AddressP.O. Box 309
Kingston, Georgia 30145-0309
Phone(770) 336-5905
Fax(770) 336-5904

Kingston, rich in antebellum history, displays its pride through artifacts, scrapbooks and photographs in two museums maintained by the Kingston Woman’s History Club. The newest museum, The Martha Mulinix Annex, opened in April 1998 and displays material about Kingston and the surrounding area.

The Civil War museum portrays Kingston’s role in the Civil War along with memorabilia from past Kingston Confederate Memorial Day Observances (the oldest such ceremony in the nation). Since 1865, Kingston has observed Confederate Memorial Day by honoring the 250 unknown soldiers in the town cemetery.

It was at Kingston where the last contigent of Confederate Troops east of the Mississippi were pardoned in May 1865. While in Kingston, General Sherman made plans for and awaited approval from General Grant for the March to the Sea.