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City of Grantville

AddressP.O. Box 160
Grantville, Georgia 30220-0160
Phone(770) 583-2289
Fax(770) 583-2280

From the Grantville city website:

The history of the City of Grantville can be traced back to 1852.

The original name for our city was Calico Corner.

Calico Corner, Willow Dell and Bullsboro were early settlements around the newly established county seat of Newnan in 1828.

By 1840, the beginning of the golden era in the South, orderly streets lined with mansions and cottages reflected the growing prosperity of Coweta County. At mid-century the railroads brought greater fortune and sophistication and saw the community nomenclature changing with Calico Corner becoming Grantville and Willow Dell became Senoia

Here are some fun facts:

On what is now the vacant lot in downtown there was a mop factory. Leonard Wilson was the Manager and our famous David Wilson worked there as a boy/young man. Their family owned the old cabin near the library. This home was one of the first homes built in this area. It was originally by exit 35 but was moved to its new location when the Interstate came through.

Rosa Kelly’s father was a foreman at the factory and also made mops at a shop on Griffin and Stokes (which is still standing today)

Thomas A. Glanton who the elementary school on Highway 29 is named after was the principal when City Hall was the local school. He turned 100 in November 2011. At the time of the famous Bank of Grantville robbery Mr. Glanton 20 years old and was in the pharmacy down the street.

The Bank of Grantville was founded by Mr. Colley back in the 1800s.

The Bank of Grantville is not to be confused with the Farmers & Merchants Bank, which was on Church Street. The vault of that bank is still there and for a while there was a restaurant there called The Vault.

“Bonnie Castle” or the “Colley House” downtown, located on the corner of La Grange and Colley street was built by Mr. Colley in 1896. Most recently it was a bed and breakfast and rumor has it the castle is haunted.

Grantville thrived when the big mill on Grady Smith Street was operable. That part of town is still referred to as “The Mill Village”

In the field adjacent to the Gas Station/Nifty Foods/ Rochelle’s liquor store complex there was a large flea market. Although it was called a flea market, it was much more than that. It was very important in the life of Grantville, and shut down soon after 1991.

Grantville has several cemeteries within the city. The largest is the Grantville Cemetery on Griffin Street. The Wilson’s family cemetery still sits at the 85 exit and there is a pre-civil war cemetery on the hill behind City Hall to name a few.