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City of Flemington

Address156 Old Sunbury Rd.
Flemington, Georgia 31313
Phone(912) 877-3223
Fax(912) 877-3233

The plantation owners in the Midway District began early to establish summer homes in what they termed “pine lands”. William Fleming, wishing to establish a summer home and at the same time enjoy the society of his friends, about the year 1815, surveyed a tract of unsettled land ten miles west of Midway for a retreat he name Gravel Hill. Selecting a parcel for himself, he gave the remaining lots to his friends. Gradually the summer homes became more permanent, creating the church and society at Gravel Hill. In 1850, it was voted to change the name of the retreat from Gravel Hill to Flemington in honor of William Flemington, who had settled in the retreat and had given lots to his friends.