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City of Eastman

Address333 College Street
Eastman, Georgia 31023
Phone(478) 374-7721
Fax(478) 374-5149

From the official city website:

Eastman is located in the heart of Middle Georgia and is the seat of Dodge County. It is approximately 60 miles from Macon, 30 miles from Dublin and 135 miles from Atlanta; it does a remarkable job in keeping up to date with larger towns. There has been much building activity in the city since 1955, not only in public building, but in the creation of new subdivisions for the growing population.

Eastman was incorporated in 1872 and became the city seat for Dodge County which was incorporated in 1869. William Pitt Eastman of New Hamshire had given the land for the town and it is named in his honor. His home still stands today in Eastman Street. At one time, Eastman was a resort area sporting a large wooden hotel adjacent to the railroad downtown. It was one of the largest wooden structures ever erected and northern people flocked south to spend the winter. Mr. William E. Dodge believed that the resin from the long leaf pine possessed health-giving qualities and built the magnicent Upland Hotel which burned in 1906.

Eastman is 5.11 square miles with an altitude of 200 feet above sea level.

Eastman is located on the Southern Railway mainline between Atlanta and Brunswick. U.S. Highways 23 and 341, and Georgia Highways 46, 87, and 117 pass through Eastman. The city is only 24 miles from the Interstate 16 and 47 miles from Interstate 75.

Eastman has shown a continuous population growth since 1930 when it’s population was 3,200. By 1967, there was an increase of 82 percent and the present population is approximately 5440.