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City of Darien

IncorporatedDecember 18, 1818
Address106 Washington Street
Darien, Georgia 31305
Phone(912) 437-6686
Fax(912) 437-2208

Darien, the county seat for McIntosh County, was incorporated December 18, 1818. Originally called New Inverness by Scottish founders, its name was changed to “Fort Darien” and then Darien. Due to the city’s location at the mouth of the Altamaha River, Darien was referred to as “Queen of the Delta”.

During the Civil War, the city of Darien was nearly burned down by a raid of Federal troops stationed nearby. Afterwards, most of the buildings in Darien were reconstructed.

The city of Darien is home to a number of historical markers: St. Cyprians Episcopal Church built in 1876 by former slaves; First Presbyterian Church established by the Scottish Highlanders; and Vernon Square listed on the National Register as the business, cultural, social and religious center of the town.

According to 2000 Census, the City of Darien had a population of 1,719 persons. Between 1990 and 2000, the city experienced a population decrease of -3.6%, compared to the state growth during this period of 26.4%.