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City of Cusseta

IncorporatedDecember 22, 1854
Address327 Broad Street
Cusseta, Georgia 31805
Phone(706) 989-3602
Fax(706) 989-2005

Cusseta, the county seat of Chattahoochee County, was incorporated on December 22, 1855. The name “Cusseta” comes from the Muskogean Kashihta, which means “a trading place”.

A few miles south of Cusseta is River Bend Park, a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers access point on Lake Eufaula, near the southern edge of Fort Benning. The park includes a boat ramp, picnic and camping areas.

Cusseta is the only incorporated city in Chattahooche County. Located on U.S. 27, Cusseta is a few miles south of Fort Benning Military Reservation. A mile or so from the city is a transmission tower, built in 1960, that is visible from miles away. Up until the mid-1970s, this tower was the tallest man-made object on the planet, later being surpassed by the Sears Tower in Chicago.

According to 2000 Census, the City of Cusseta had a population of 1,196 persons. Between 1990 and 2000, the city experienced a population increase of 8.0%, compared to the state growth during this period of 26.4%.