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City of Bogart

Address125 Main Street
Bogart, Georgia 30622-1466
Phone(770) 725-7386
Fax(770) 725-5988

From the Bogart city website:

Our town was first named Osceola after a famous Seminole Indian. Osceola was born in 1803 on the Tallapoosa River in Georgia, then a part of the Creek Indian territory. Osceola led the Seminole Indians in Florida during the Second Seminole War, which began in 1835.This area of Georgia was first inhabited mainly by revolutionary soldiers in the late 1790s who had received land for their services. In June of 1890, the railroad drew a map of Osceola, listing it as a square town, with the railroad located in the center. Osceola’s name had to be changed in 1892 when it was discovered another town in Terrell County, Ga. had the same name. The name was changed to Bogart, after a Mr. Bogart, a respected gentleman in the Railroad Agency. The City of Bogart was officially incorporated in 1905. Bogart became a thriving small town with several stores including a bank, mercantile store, drug store, boarding house, railroad depot, blacksmith shops, three cotton gins, a post office, gristmills, and a school at the Baptist Church. The town of Bogart was once in Franklin County, then Jackson, Clarke, and then Oconee County. Today Bogart is positioning itself for growth with aggressive projects for downtown sewer, streetscapes and user friendly access to the Bogart Sports Recreation Complex. There are several community wide events that take place each year that encourage citizens to get involved.