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City of Allentown

AddressP.O. Box 34
Allentown, Georgia


Phone(478) 962-0454
Fax(478) 962-0543

From the official Allentown website:

Allentown is located along an ancient Indian and major trail from Ball’s Ferry to Old Hartford (Hawkinsville). This trail intersected with a trail that ran between Fort Hawkins (Macon) and present day Dublin. At this intersection was a settlement first known as Cross Roads and later as Cool Springs. After James Allen and Linkfield Perkins bought acreage and a store in 1831, the name of the emerging town was changed to Allentown. By 1891, trains were running through the town. Allentown’s main street was the dirt road called Athens-Macon Highway, which ran alongside the railroad through the middle of town.