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In Their Own Words

December 26, 1735

Colonist Described Trade Winds

Early colonist Benjamin Ingham kept a journal of his voyage to Georgia. After enduring some stormy weather early in the voyage, he recorded a welcome change:

“Monday Dec. 26: We are now past the Latitude of 25 degrees and are got into what they call the Trade winds, which blow much the same way all the Year round. The Air is balmy, soft and sweet. The Ship glides smoothly & quickly along; the Clouds are finely variegated with numbers of pretty colours. The nights are mild and pleasant, being beautifully adorned with the shining Host of Stars… .”

Source: [no author or editor cited], Our First Visit in America: Early Reports from the Colony of Georgia, 1732-1740 (Savannah: Beehive Press, 1974), p. 172.