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In Their Own Words

December 16, 1777

Successful Run of British Blockade

Savannah merchant Joseph Clay wrote to some fellow merchants in another colony of a successful attempt to run the British blockade of Savannah, and his hopes of more such attempts in the future:

“… I am in hopes the Proceeds of the Cargo he brought in will repay us the Outfit & send him to sea again clear of any advance, tho’ cannot be certain as his being so long out has made his Disbursements run high the Men of Warr that lay constantly of [off] Bermuda kept him in port, they at last quit for want of Provisions & repairs & he push’d out. We have several Cruisers on our Coast tho mostly off Charles Town notwithstanding which we have more Vessels get safe in than falls into their hands & as the winter sets in (w’ch has been remarkably mild with us hitherto) the Chance will be much more in our favour shou’d they even remain on our Coasts w’ch I think tis probable they may not … .”

Source: Collections of the Georgia Historical Society, Vol. VIII, Letters of Joseph Clay, Merchant of Savannah, 1776-1793 (Savannah: Georgia Historical Society, 1913), p. 62.