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In Their Own Words

December 04, 1864

Ranger Detailed Actions Shadowing Sherman’s Army

Enoch John made the last entry in his diary, or at least the last to survive, as he and his fellow Texas Rangers who had been trailing Sherman’s army were ordered elsewhere:

“Dec. 4th. The Augusta and Savannah rivers are so close together that we cannot play in here any longer. Crossed the Savannah at Herndon’s ferry, passed through the bottom seven miles wide and camped. We now learn we cannot cross back until we get to Augusta. After four days traveling, reached Augusta, and found orders for Capt. Shannon to report to Gen. Hood in middle Tennessee. We are stopped on the road to rest, but will move on in a few days. During the last two and a half months this scouting party have killed and captured 459 Yankees. When Gen. Hood started his flank movement, he ordered us to stay around Atlanta, and keep him posted as to what Sherman might do. We lay around the city day and night; cought forage wagons; took thier pickets in out of the rain; cought their couriers between the city and river for thier papers, keeping the Yanks in constant hot water. We killed 43 and captured 102 that we know of. We are (the scouts) now well off for clothing, the Yanks have supplied us liberally, with clothing and funds. I am going to a dance to-morrow night near here.

“So let the wide world wag as it will, I will be gay and happy still.”

Source: Diary of Cpl Enoch John