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In Their Own Words

November 26, 1862

Civil War Letter Mentioned Cobb Brothers at Fredericksburg

A Georgia soldier wrote home to his mother from Fredericksburg; he mentioned two prominent Georgians in his letter.

“…The Yankey camp is on one hill and us on the other in plain view. We have been looking for them to bumb us everyday. They ordered the people to leave Fredericksburg…. It was distressing to see the women and little children leaving their homes and all that they had left behind and taking the muddy road on foot. … It was raining and very cold. Their poor little feet were as red as doves. … Howell Cobb has been promoted to Major General and sent to Georgia and his brother Thom Cobb is our Brigade general. …”

Source: Elizabeth Whitley Roberson, In Care of Yellow River: The Complete Civil War Letters of Pvt. Eli Pinson Landers to His Mother (Gretna: Pelican Publishing Company, 1997), p. 103.