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In Their Own Words

November 23, 1865

Burial of Son Recorded in Diary

John Banks of Columbus, Georgia had seven sons who fought for the Confederacy. Unfortunately, three were killed during Sherman’s Atlanta Campaign. One of these - Eugene - had been killed in battle at Resaca and buried in the field. Eighteen months later, the remains of Eugene were found and carried back to Columbus, where he was buried with his brothers in the Banks’ family plot, as noted in the final entry of John Banks’ journal:

“I have neglected my journal for some time. Today Elbert got back with the remains of my dear Eugene. Although he was killed May 25, 1864, this is the first chance we have had to bring his remains and today he was buried with his brothers. This event I have dreaded much and feel glad that it is done.”

Source: John Banks, Autobiography of John Banks, 1797 - 1870 (Austell, Ga.: privately printed by Elberta Leonard, 1936), p. 38.